April Newsletter

Apr. 6th, 2018


I hope you all had a lovely Spring Break and Easter with family and friends. Mr. Williamson and I spent part of the holiday in Cuba and came back relaxed and refreshed (but also with a bit of sunburn – ouch!).


We are continuing to work in our Leveled Reading groups. Some groups read twice a week and others read once per week. After our Bridge Building Projects we will be doing a week long book club with a presentation to the class as a group when they finish the book. We continue to listen to the novel Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.


We will be writing our observations about our bridge building and group work the second week back and starting a story writing session after that.


We continue with triple digit subtraction with regrouping as well as time, graphing, measurement and geometry. Next month – Multiplication and Division!


The first two weeks back will be all about Building Bridges – Please be prepared for students to be asking for supplies from home!

Social Studies

We have a field trip to the Whyte Museum on the Apr. 19th in the morning which I am looking forward too. Our last two countries – Tunisia and the Ukraine are coming up next.

Only 12 more weeks of school and SO much to do! Yikes!


Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Apr. 9 – First School Day back after Spring Break

Apr. 13 – Half Day for Students – Book Orders Due

Apr. 16 – 20 Bridge Building Week! Be prepared to bring supplies in!

Apr. 19th – Whyte Museum Trip (Morning) Parent Volunteers needed!

Apr. 25th – Grade One Spring Concert (Afternoon and evening performances)

Apr. 27th – Half Day for students



Terri Williamson

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