March Newsletter

Mar. 1st, 2019

March has come in like a Lion! So cold! Thank you for sending in warm clothing, mitts, hats, etc… especially with names on them (so much easier to remember who belongs to what).  The year keeps flying by. Your children are growing up so fast. This month we will be exploring reading bigger words, continuing to write compliments, as well as finishing that snowflake story we began last month, shapes – 2D and 3D and sorting each, more addition and subtraction facts, snowshoeing, signs of Spring (hopefully!) and learning about our community in the past.

I look forward to seeing you all again at student/parent conferences on March 20th and 21st. A request for times sheet will be emailed this week and a paper copy will be sent home on Monday next week if you have not replied to the email.

Library continues to be every Thursday. 🙂 Please remember to send books back to school.

Dates to Remember 🙂 

March 7th – Outdoor Learning (Snowshoeing) 10:30-12:00 – Library Day

March 8th – Half Day for Students – Book Orders Due

March 13th – Spring Concert 1:30pm and 6:30pm

**Students should arrive at school at 6:15 and come to our classroom – They will also be picked up from the class at the end of the performance.

March 14th – Outdoor Learning (Snowshoeing) 10:30-12:00 – Library Day

March 20th  – Goal Setting Meetings in the evening   – 4pm- 7pm

March 21st  – Library Day and Goal Setting Meetings in the evening  – 5pm- 8pm

March 22nd – No School for students (Some Goal Setting Meetings this morning)

March 28th – Library Day

Terri Williamson

Grade One Teacher

Elizabeth Rummel School

February Newsletter

February 2nd, 2019


**If you have any questions about your child’s report card or you need a hard copy please let me know. Also, I will continue to update your child’s See Saw with new activities and learning as the year progresses. Please contact me for a time to meet if I requested to meet with you in the report card comment section.**

Your children are really showing us if the skills we have been teaching, experiencing and learning over the last 5 months are being internalised. Each child is developing at their own speed and level. All students are using some or all of their “Super Powers” to help them read increasing more difficult books. Go Super Readers!

******It is always a plus to have an extra pair of hands in the class – so, if you happen to have some time to come in and volunteer – We would greatly appreciate the help. Please sign up on the calendar outside the class, email me, or comment on See Saw and we will put your name on the calendar.


During February we will continue to learn about our “Hunks and Chunks” – Groups of letters that make sounds. We have five new “snap words” which we add to our Word Wall each week. These are expected to be read and spelt correctly in our writing. We have just started our story about a snowflake and it’s adventures. We continue to work on a Skating journal also – this is our last week.

In Math, we continue to explore numbers in numbers with addition and subtraction facts and word problems. We are focusing on strategies (ie. counting on and counting, back doubles, making ten, etc….) and different ways to solve a problem.

Our 100th day of school is on Friday. A separate note will be sent home with details as to what the children should bring.

This month we are starting our “Citizen’s of the Week”. Some weeks we will have two citizen’s and others we will have one (We don’t have enough weeks of school left to do everyone for a whole week – Oh boy!) Your child will bring home a laminated note and a poster board which you will work on together and they will present to our class. They will also receive a compliment book from the other students once their week is finished. Both will be a nice keepsake of Grade one.

*Just a reminder to please write me a note or email if after school plans are different for your child and if you will be picking them up rather than them going on the bus. Thank you!

Dates to Remember – ****Please remember to check the Calendar on the side bar for the most up-to-date information!

Monday, Feb. 4th – Alberta Opera 1:30pm in the Gym

Thursday, Feb. 7th – Library Day

Friday, Feb 8th – 100th Day of School Activities – Half Day for Students

Thursday, Feb 14th – Library Day and Valentine’s Day
We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and the children are encouraged to wear red or white. They will be exchanging valentines. Please have them print the names of their classmates themselves on each of the valentines.  Class list is below. I will also be sending home one. Please ensure that cards are sent to all of the children in the class; it’s a lot more fun for everyone this way. We love to see homemade cards!

****We also would also like one fruit and one veggie plate – Please let me know if you could provide either.

Classlist – Aedre, Ava, Connor, Cimmaron, Carter T., Carter P., Dahlia, Gabe, Graham, Halton, John, Karin, Maxwell, Oisin, Pierce, Rosalee, Sapphire, Solomon, Sophia, Sawyer, Tyrran, Tori, and Talia.  Other staff they might want to include are – Ms. B., Mrs. Morley (Music Teacher), Pascal (Librarian), Mrs. Shellian (Reading Support Teacher),  Ms. Kate (Right From the Start), Grace and MJ in the office, Arelys and Jason our custodians and of course Mr. Whitishyn! 🙂

Monday, February 18th – Friday, February 22nd :
Family Day/February Break. No School.
I will be at Teachers’ Convention on the Thursday and Friday 🙂 There are some great sessions this year – I hope to share some of the learning with your lovely children 🙂

Thank you, again, for your continued support!
Mrs. W. 🙂

January Newsletter

January 5th, 2019Image result for Clip art snowflakes

Dear Parents
Happy 2019! I hope your holidays were joyful and filled your “buckets” with many happy memories. Thank you for the lovely gifts and cards I received. I truly feel appreciated.

January will be a month filled with stories of snow, animals in the winter and how we care about ourselves and our community.  To begin we will be focusing on several wonderful books including A Perfect Day, When It Starts to Snow, The Biggest, Best Snowman and The Biggest Snowman Ever.

We will continue to work on our “snap words”, our reading “Super powers” and understanding what we read by retelling, predicting, connecting  and asking questions.  We will be writing about the New Year, Winter activities (with some poetry about what we can and can’t do in Winter) and creating a fiction story about a day in the life of snowflake. We will also be writing about our experiences skating (Which starts on January 15th!).

In Math, we continue to review concepts covered with our calendar and daily math (patterns, sorting, identifying and understanding numbers 1-20 and counting by 5s and 10s). We will be working more on combining and separating numbers (addition and subtraction) this term. Knowing our basic facts is an important goal in grade one.

Social Skills

We continue to work on using kind words and actions with others, taking turns, sharing and recognising feelings in ourselves and others. I will be continuing with Kimochi lessons and Ms. Kate will continue some biweekly lessons with the students about the key concepts in this program as well (green and red thoughts, managing your impulses, gratitude, mindfulness, etc…). If you would like to know more about this program please check out the link on the right hand side bar of this blog.

Baby Chase will be visiting again on Jan.21st. We look forward to seeing how he has grown! We have been focusing on how he shows us different emotions and what we can do to help.

Dates to Remember – All Posted on the Google Calendar 

Jan. 10th: Library Day

Jan. 11th: Half Day for students

Jan. 15th: Skating – Afternoon

Jan. 17th: Library Day
Jan. 18th: Book Orders Due.

Jan. 21st: Baby Chase Visit – 11am

Jan. 22nd: Skating – Afternoon

Jan. 24th: Library Day

Jan. 28th- Feb 1st: Our School is Celebrating Literacy Week.

Jan. 29th: Skating – Afternoon

Jan. 31st: We are planning a “Snuggle and Read day”. The students can wear their pajamas to class and we will read lots of stories and play some literacy games. The children are welcome to bring a book from home. They may wish to bring a SMALL “stuffy” or blanket. We will also be participating in a school wide assembly on this day – time to be announced.

***Report Cards are open on Parent Portal today! Please make sure you take a look at your child’s progress. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. *****

*Library continues to be on  Thursdays.

P.S. Be sure to keep checking this blog for Newsletters and SeeSaw for weekly pictures and student work.

Mrs. Williamson

December Newsletter

Dec. 2nd, 2018

candy canesChristmas1

December is here and the snow and cold has arrived. Thank you for sending snow pants, mitts and hats so we can go outside as much as we are able to. I continue to appreciate names in all of these items. The lost and found continues to grow so please take a look if you are missing items.

Your children continue to be busy learning about our reading “Super Powers!” – Pointer Power, Reread Power, Snap Word Power and Partner Power! I continue to introduce new snap words each week. I have almost completed the second testing round for these words – I will send a copy home this week so you can see your child’s progress. Thank you for continuing to read at home every night. Please let me know if the books are changing enough, too many, too few, or any other questions.

We are writing a great piece on Christmas and will read it like our Recess Writing on SeeSaw.

In Math, we continue to focus on numbers, patterns, beginning addition and sorting.

In Social Studies, our “Showing We Care” Bag has begun and we have had some great examples of things we do to show we care for ourselves, our family, our school and community.

In Science, we are finishing off our Bear unit by building a Triarama of a Bear habitat. We will make sure we have all the things a bear needs.

Important Notices

We will be starting skating in January. Please return the note I sent home last week and let me know if you are available to come and help tie up and untie skates (We will need quite a bit of help with this).

**If you have any games, puzzles, toys, books that you would like to donate to our school (as you clean things before or after Christmas) we would greatly appreciate them.

December Dates to Remember (Please remember to check our Google Calendar also)


December 6th – Library Day!
December 13th – Library Day!

December 12th – Grade 2 and 3 Concert – 1:30pm and 6:30pm (Your grade one children are not in this one but we will watch in the afternoon – We do the Spring Concert!)

December 14th – Half Day – PD in afternoon

December 17th – Caroling in the Gym – 2:15pm (You are all welcome to join us during any of the caroling times)

December 18th – Caroling in the Gym – 9:15am

December 19th – Caroling in the Gym – 1:15pm (Special performance at this one!)

December 20th – Caroling in the Gym – 11:15am

December 21st – Caroling in the Gym – 10:40am

– First Day of Winter!

– Half Day!

January 7th – Classes Resume

If I don’t see you before the break, please have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time with family and friends. I will be heading off to Vancouver Island to visit my family for the first time since my girls were born (16 years ago!).


Terri Williamson

November Newsletter

PoppiesNovember 1st, 2018

Halloween has come and gone. Remembrance Day and Christmas are just around the corner. I have sent out a schedule for you to put in times for Goal Setting. This will take place on Nov. 14, 15, and 16th. Please remember that Report Cards will not be coming home until January and there will be no scheduled interview times at that point. If you would like to talk with me after report cards I am always available for an after school or morning meeting.

As the weather gets colder your children should be coming to school prepared to go outside with mittens, hats, and snow pants. Thank you to all of you who have been coming in and helping out in class!  We are still in need of parent volunteers, though! I only have a few signed up for this month. Please remember that coming in helps you keep connected with your children, it REALLY helps us with the regular flow of the classroom, and it is nice to see you all once and a while. Please email me, send a note or drop by to sign up (calendar is outside the classroom door).



We continue to Read to Self everyday as well as reading with partners, word work – “snap” words, phonics skills – word families and vowel sounds, writing – finishing of our “Recess Writing” project with Mrs. Shellian and printing practice as well as reading and acting out stories.

In Math, we continue to focus on the numbers 1-20. Counting forwards and backwards, by 10s and 5s to 100, beginning addition, and counting on skills. We continue to use visual images (dominoes and dot groups) to quickly recognize groups up to 10.  We will be starting to do some patterning and sorting this next month.

Our “Belonging Bag” along with the “Student of the Day” are our Social Studies component. We have talked about belong to a family, school and community and how we are connected.

In Science, our unit on colour mixing, shades, tints and how we use colour in our life is coming to a close. We are happy to have Solomon’s mom (Chrissy) coming in to talk to us about how she uses colour in her job (artist!). We continue to visit our “Special Spot” in the butterfly garden every second Friday to see how things change over the seasons using our senses – We are keeping track of this in our Scientific Journal and with pictures. We will be starting on a unit about “Bears” this month. Nick from Wildsmart will be presenting to us on Nov. 29th in the morning. We will also be using the Bear EduKit from Wildsmart to learn about bears.

Dates to Remember

Nov. 1st – Library Day

Nov. 8th – Library Day, Remembrance Day Assembly and Book Orders Due

Nov. 9th – No School – In Lieu of Goal Setting Meetings

Nov. 12th – No School – Remembrance Day weekend

Nov. 14th – Goal Setting Meetings 4pm-7pm

Nov. 15th – Library Day, Goal Setting Meetings 5pm-8pm (I started earlier on my schedule to make more spaces)

Nov. 16th – No School For students – Goal Setting Meetings in the morning, PLN in the afternoon

Nov. 22nd– Library Day

Nov. 29th – Wildsmart Presentation in the Morning, Library Day

Library continues to be every Thursday.

I really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your continuing support with reading and word cards!

🙂 Mrs. Williamson

October Newsletter

October 1st, 2018

Wow! Is it October already?  Your children are starting to get familiar with our routines and rules. Unpacking their backpacks in the morning is getting quicker – most of them remember to take their book bags out and go to their desks to doodle, read, or chat with others. Shoes and jackets are getting put on faster (We still have a few students who have tie up shoes and are having troubles) and put in the right spots in the boot room. We are working on being smooth movers and staying in a line in the hallways. Personal body space is always an area to work on. Winter weather will soon be upon us so snowsuits and boots are next. Oh, boy!

We have talked a great deal about being a “bucketfiller” by sharing, helping others, “bee”ing polite, and listening. Two sayings from our Kimochi time have been – It’s okay to be mad but it is not okay to be mean and A friendly face makes a friendly place.  

Thank you all so much for the support you are giving by checking your child’s Book Bag each day, talking with me via email, phone calls and in person, and most importantly coming in to volunteer (even if it is just for an hour).

We will be starting off October with one of my favourite authors, Peter Reynolds – Ish, The Dot, Sky Color are some of his books. During our Library time on Thursdays we have been figuring out where to find our favourite authors.

We will be beginning October with learning about 5 “SNAP” words (or quickly recognized sight words) every week. Look forward to various word books coming home with these words highlighted. We will also be focusing on first letter sounds, especially tricky ones like “n”, “g”, and “c”.

In Numeracy, we are counting and recognizing numbers 1-20 through group activities as well as mini books and puzzles.

We will be meeting together next month (Nov. 14-15th) to discuss your child and some goals for the beginning of the school year.

I will be sending home a note about your preferred time for this meeting near the end of the month.


Wed. Oct 3rd – Individual Photos

Fri. Oct. 5th – Half Day for Students

Mon. Oct. 8th – Happy Thanksgiving! No School

Thurs. Oct. 11th – Fire Safety Presentation (Sparky!)

Fri. Oct.19th – Half Day for Students

Tues. Oct 30th – Picture Retakes

Wed. Oct. 31st – Halloween  – Parade and Celebration in the Afternoon.

*I will need one Fruit Plate and one Veggie Plate for our Halloween Snacks – If you would be able to volunteer one of these please write me a note or email.

Thank you, again, to all the parents and grandparents who have come in to lend a hand during the busy month of September. I greatly appreciate and welcome your support.


Terri Williamson

Grade One Teacher

Elizabeth Rummel School

September Newsletter 2018 – Grade 1!

Mrs. Williamson’s September Newsletter

Sept. 4th, 2018


Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you and your child to our Grade One class.  I am excited about getting to know you all.


Housekeeping items

At the beginning of each month I will post a newsletter and calendar on our class blog that outlines thing to look forward to over the month (i.e. fieldtrips, special visitors or important dates to know). The blog is at There will often be updates throughout the month, as well.          

This year ERS Grade one and two students will be using a cloth bag as their Mailbox/Home Reading.  Please check this bag each night and send it back every day. I will put your child’s work and letters inside of it.  If you have a note or book order for me, just put it in the bag and I will read it when your child comes to school.

Please have your child bring their labeled indoor running shoes as soon as possible. This will help keep the school clean (only non-marking soles, please).

All Grade One classes will be entering and exiting the school from the east end of the school . For the first week or so I will be walking students down to the boot room and helping them to find their bus or meet-up with parents.

During the year, if your child usually rides the bus home and other arrangements have been made, please inform both the bus driver and me. (You can call the transportation office at 678-5545.) Similarly, if someone other than you is picking up your child, please let me know by writing a note. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the teacher of changes and about anyone who is not allowed to pick up their children. Please let me know.

Every morning we will be sitting down to have snack before recess. (This will not be provided by the school snack program until October).  Please send in a healthy snack in a plastic container for any leftovers.  I prefer that the children do not drink juice for snack (very sticky and messy to clean up, and helps prevent any backpack leaks), but instead we will be using water bottles that the children may drink out of anytime they are thirsty. The bottles should come home every week to be cleaned. Milk order forms will be sent home next week and delivery should begin in October.

Every day will be going outside so please ensure that your child always has proper clothing to suit the weather.  

To assist your child in the task of keeping track of their belongings, we strongly recommend labeling everything that comes to school (clothing/shoes/boots). Lost items can be found in our Lost and Found box near the front door.


**Important Dates*

Sept. 12 – Open House 6:30pm

Sept. 21 – Half day for students

Sept. 26 – Terry Fox Assembly   

Sept. 27 – Terry Fox Run  – the students will run around the school field. (Please include a “toonie” to donate for Cancer Research in your child’s envelope)

  – School Wide Picnic and Dance Party

            – Book orders due

Oct. 3 – Individual Photos (Picture Day!)


I hope this answers some questions you may have had.  If you have any more questions or concerns you can come and see me after class and I can always be reached by e-mail


I will use the blog exclusively after I have all of your email addresses. My hope is to use less paper and keep you better informed as to things going on in our class! (Except for permission forms – which I will send always paper copy home for you to sign)


I look forward to seeing you all at Open House!


Thank you,

Terri Williamson

June Newsletter

Jun. 1st, 2018





Well, our last month of Grade 3 has arrived. Your children are ready for a Summer Break but PLEASE remember to continue with reading! The Library Summer program is a great way to motivate readers. Be sure to check it out! Lots of prizes and fun.


We have started our last read aloud – The Tale of Despereaux which our Book Club has also been reading on their own. I am in the process of completing our final reading tests with each of your children. These results will be shared with you on the report card and with next years teachers. I am very pleased with their reading growth!



We are in the process of writing and publishing stories for our Kindergarten buddies. We are publishing them on a site called “Storybird”. Students are encouraged to work on other stories at home over the summer on this site ( They can be published and purchased if you choose to do so.



Our final units in math are Fractions, Measuring Weight, and 2d and 3d shapes. We will working in the Tinkering lab to create and sort shapes.



Our last unit – Life Cycles – has focused mainly on butterflies. Our butterflies should be emerging any day now!


Social Studies

We will be doing a short unit on the Ukraine and completing a class presentation as well as discussing Global Citizenship. We are going to have a used toy sale to fundraise for a local charity – PLEASE SEND IN ANY LIGHTLY USED TOYS OR STUFFIES FOR THIS SALE. (Hopefully this will help with spring cleaning!)


Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Jun 1st – Half Day for students

Jun 1st – Jun.3rd – Bow Valley Bird Bonanza Weekend (Fill out Tally Chart and return on Monday, please)

Jun 5th – Last Day to checkout books from Library

Jun. 8th – Last Day to return Library Books

  • Book Orders Due

Jun. 15th – Half Day for students

Jun. 25th – Volunteer/Retirement Tea (Separate email sent out with details)

Jun. 27th – Afternoon Summer Games for students

Jun 28th – Swimming at Elevation Place

Jun. 29th – Last Day – Grade 3 Farewell Assembly!



Terri Williamson

May Newsletter

May 1st, 2018








Wow! The weather outside is rather fickle. One day we have summer, then spring and then there is always the possibility of snow. Ah! Living in the mountains. This month we have lots on the go. Numeracy Week, visiting LGMS, Multicultural Day and at the end of month a visit to Morley school for a concert (thanks to Mrs. Morley).

**Please help us with our Multicultural Day! A note will be coming home on Monday with details – We need lots of parents to make this event run smoothly.

Also, if you are technologically savvy and would like to help us put together an end of the year Grade 3 slideshow please let me know. I would really like some help with this.


We are almost finished listening to our novel Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. Book Club presentations will begin mid month. I am noticing quite a few students not bringing in their home reading books as often. Please, please keep reading every night! This is our last push before the end of the year reading tests to see how far your children have come. I have had a couple of students starting to fall back a level and I have told them how important it is to continue to read just right books. Grade 4 reading will not get easier!


Story writing has begun. We are following a “Somebody, Wanted, But, So” format. Ask your child what each part means.


We have just about finished with measurement and perimeter. Next is Data Analysis/Graphing and Mass. Things are taking longer than expected these days (lots of interruptions). Then on to Multiplication and Division. June will be all about Geometry and Fractions.


Butterflies (Life Cycles) will be our last unit in Science. We will be taking care of our own larva and journaling on this process.

Social Studies

Our last two countries – Tunisia and the Ukraine! And Multicultural Day on the 25th.

Only 9 more weeks of school and SO much to do! Double Yikes!

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Apr. 30 – May 4th – Numeracy Week

May 2nd – Hats on for Mental Health

May 3rd – Wear a Number Shirt Day

May 4th – Assembly at 1:30pm – Math Games in the Classroom after assembly from 2:00 – 2:30 (Feel free to drop by)

May 9th – Alberta Parks Presentation – Ugly Bugly 9:00am in the Gym

May 11th – Book Orders Due

May 18th – No Regular Classes for Students

May 21st – No Classes

May 22nd – Afternoon trip to visit LGMS

May 23rd – LGMS Parent Night

May 25th – Multicultural Day (Please see detailed note coming home!)

May 31st  – Trip to Morley (Concert) Afternoon.


Other dates to look forward to;

Jun 1st – Half Day for Students

Jun 15th – Half Day for Students

Jun 28th – Swimming at Elevation Place

Jun 29th – Last Day and Grade 3 Farewell Assembly



Terri Williamson

April Newsletter

Apr. 6th, 2018


I hope you all had a lovely Spring Break and Easter with family and friends. Mr. Williamson and I spent part of the holiday in Cuba and came back relaxed and refreshed (but also with a bit of sunburn – ouch!).


We are continuing to work in our Leveled Reading groups. Some groups read twice a week and others read once per week. After our Bridge Building Projects we will be doing a week long book club with a presentation to the class as a group when they finish the book. We continue to listen to the novel Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.


We will be writing our observations about our bridge building and group work the second week back and starting a story writing session after that.


We continue with triple digit subtraction with regrouping as well as time, graphing, measurement and geometry. Next month – Multiplication and Division!


The first two weeks back will be all about Building Bridges – Please be prepared for students to be asking for supplies from home!

Social Studies

We have a field trip to the Whyte Museum on the Apr. 19th in the morning which I am looking forward too. Our last two countries – Tunisia and the Ukraine are coming up next.

Only 12 more weeks of school and SO much to do! Yikes!


Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Apr. 9 – First School Day back after Spring Break

Apr. 13 – Half Day for Students – Book Orders Due

Apr. 16 – 20 Bridge Building Week! Be prepared to bring supplies in!

Apr. 19th – Whyte Museum Trip (Morning) Parent Volunteers needed!

Apr. 25th – Grade One Spring Concert (Afternoon and evening performances)

Apr. 27th – Half Day for students



Terri Williamson