June Newsletter

Jun. 1st, 2018





Well, our last month of Grade 3 has arrived. Your children are ready for a Summer Break but PLEASE remember to continue with reading! The Library Summer program is a great way to motivate readers. Be sure to check it out! Lots of prizes and fun.


We have started our last read aloud – The Tale of Despereaux which our Book Club has also been reading on their own. I am in the process of completing our final reading tests with each of your children. These results will be shared with you on the report card and with next years teachers. I am very pleased with their reading growth!



We are in the process of writing and publishing stories for our Kindergarten buddies. We are publishing them on a site called “Storybird”. Students are encouraged to work on other stories at home over the summer on this site (storybird.com). They can be published and purchased if you choose to do so.



Our final units in math are Fractions, Measuring Weight, and 2d and 3d shapes. We will working in the Tinkering lab to create and sort shapes.



Our last unit – Life Cycles – has focused mainly on butterflies. Our butterflies should be emerging any day now!


Social Studies

We will be doing a short unit on the Ukraine and completing a class presentation as well as discussing Global Citizenship. We are going to have a used toy sale to fundraise for a local charity – PLEASE SEND IN ANY LIGHTLY USED TOYS OR STUFFIES FOR THIS SALE. (Hopefully this will help with spring cleaning!)


Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Jun 1st – Half Day for students

Jun 1st – Jun.3rd – Bow Valley Bird Bonanza Weekend (Fill out Tally Chart and return on Monday, please)

Jun 5th – Last Day to checkout books from Library

Jun. 8th – Last Day to return Library Books

  • Book Orders Due

Jun. 15th – Half Day for students

Jun. 25th – Volunteer/Retirement Tea (Separate email sent out with details)

Jun. 27th – Afternoon Summer Games for students

Jun 28th – Swimming at Elevation Place

Jun. 29th – Last Day – Grade 3 Farewell Assembly!



Terri Williamson

May Newsletter

May 1st, 2018








Wow! The weather outside is rather fickle. One day we have summer, then spring and then there is always the possibility of snow. Ah! Living in the mountains. This month we have lots on the go. Numeracy Week, visiting LGMS, Multicultural Day and at the end of month a visit to Morley school for a concert (thanks to Mrs. Morley).

**Please help us with our Multicultural Day! A note will be coming home on Monday with details – We need lots of parents to make this event run smoothly.

Also, if you are technologically savvy and would like to help us put together an end of the year Grade 3 slideshow please let me know. I would really like some help with this.


We are almost finished listening to our novel Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. Book Club presentations will begin mid month. I am noticing quite a few students not bringing in their home reading books as often. Please, please keep reading every night! This is our last push before the end of the year reading tests to see how far your children have come. I have had a couple of students starting to fall back a level and I have told them how important it is to continue to read just right books. Grade 4 reading will not get easier!


Story writing has begun. We are following a “Somebody, Wanted, But, So” format. Ask your child what each part means.


We have just about finished with measurement and perimeter. Next is Data Analysis/Graphing and Mass. Things are taking longer than expected these days (lots of interruptions). Then on to Multiplication and Division. June will be all about Geometry and Fractions.


Butterflies (Life Cycles) will be our last unit in Science. We will be taking care of our own larva and journaling on this process.

Social Studies

Our last two countries – Tunisia and the Ukraine! And Multicultural Day on the 25th.

Only 9 more weeks of school and SO much to do! Double Yikes!

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Apr. 30 – May 4th – Numeracy Week

May 2nd – Hats on for Mental Health

May 3rd – Wear a Number Shirt Day

May 4th – Assembly at 1:30pm – Math Games in the Classroom after assembly from 2:00 – 2:30 (Feel free to drop by)

May 9th – Alberta Parks Presentation – Ugly Bugly 9:00am in the Gym

May 11th – Book Orders Due

May 18th – No Regular Classes for Students

May 21st – No Classes

May 22nd – Afternoon trip to visit LGMS

May 23rd – LGMS Parent Night

May 25th – Multicultural Day (Please see detailed note coming home!)

May 31st  – Trip to Morley (Concert) Afternoon.


Other dates to look forward to;

Jun 1st – Half Day for Students

Jun 15th – Half Day for Students

Jun 28th – Swimming at Elevation Place

Jun 29th – Last Day and Grade 3 Farewell Assembly



Terri Williamson

April Newsletter

Apr. 6th, 2018


I hope you all had a lovely Spring Break and Easter with family and friends. Mr. Williamson and I spent part of the holiday in Cuba and came back relaxed and refreshed (but also with a bit of sunburn – ouch!).


We are continuing to work in our Leveled Reading groups. Some groups read twice a week and others read once per week. After our Bridge Building Projects we will be doing a week long book club with a presentation to the class as a group when they finish the book. We continue to listen to the novel Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.


We will be writing our observations about our bridge building and group work the second week back and starting a story writing session after that.


We continue with triple digit subtraction with regrouping as well as time, graphing, measurement and geometry. Next month – Multiplication and Division!


The first two weeks back will be all about Building Bridges – Please be prepared for students to be asking for supplies from home!

Social Studies

We have a field trip to the Whyte Museum on the Apr. 19th in the morning which I am looking forward too. Our last two countries – Tunisia and the Ukraine are coming up next.

Only 12 more weeks of school and SO much to do! Yikes!


Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Apr. 9 – First School Day back after Spring Break

Apr. 13 – Half Day for Students – Book Orders Due

Apr. 16 – 20 Bridge Building Week! Be prepared to bring supplies in!

Apr. 19th – Whyte Museum Trip (Morning) Parent Volunteers needed!

Apr. 25th – Grade One Spring Concert (Afternoon and evening performances)

Apr. 27th – Half Day for students



Terri Williamson

March Newsletter

Mar. 1st, 2018







Thank you again for the lovely Valentine’s cards and chocolates. I had a successful knee surgery and am getting around pretty well with the help of physio and following my exercise plan. They have told me I should be fully recovered by 6 weeks.  


We are back working on our Leveled Reading groups. Some groups read twice a week and others read once per week. Our next step will be doing a week long book club with a presentation to the class as a group when they finish the book. As a class we are listening to the novel Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.


We will continue with weekly spelling tests, word work and word wall words. Our writing for this month will be through our novel study and Social Studies project.


Double and triple digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping will be our outcomes for this month. Some students are still having difficulty with single digit addition and subtraction and should be encouraged to practice at home. I have sent home practice sheets but if you would like another or did not receive one just let me know and I will send you one. It has websites and activities for practice.


Near the end of the Month we will be starting our unit on Testing Materials and Building Structures. Building a “strong” bridge will be our ultimate goal!

Social Studies

With a flexible mindset and the help of Mr. Williamson we are continuing to work on our “Google Slides” (Not Explain Everything – as I had planned) project on Peru. Each child’s work is in their Google Drive. This will be due in a few weeks.


All parents/guardians are requested to attend a goal setting meeting with your child’s teacher.  I will be sending you an email to put your name in the schedule for interview times. (First come first served). Please sign up before March 9th if possible. Please note there is no school on Friday morning, March 23rd, 2018 due to parent/student goal setting.  Please bring your child to the meeting.

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Mar. 9th – Half Day for Students – Book Orders Due

Mar. 14th –  Take 5 – 8:00am RFTS

Mar. 21-23 –  Goal Setting Meetings (Please make sure you a time scheduled)

Mar. 23rd – No School for students (Goal Setting Meetings)

Mar. 24 – Apr. 8 – Spring Break


Apr. 9 – First School Day back after Spring Break


Terri Williamson

February Newsletter

Feb.3rd, 2018



Wow! February already! Please let me know if you have any troubles or questions about report cards or Google Drive sharing. At this point, I have chosen the items to go into the Google drive but I hope to have students choose what to put in and share with you for Goal Setting Meetings in March. I will be having knee surgery on Feb.8th and will be off from that date until after Teachers’ Convention week. Mr. Williamson will be in for me. He has a good relationship with our class and he and I will plan together for a great week. He is honestly much better at teaching gym than I am. 🙂


Every student in our class moved up at least one level in their reading this term. I am so proud of them! All that reading is paying off. Some students will be continuing with Mrs. Shellian, others will be getting back into reading groups and some will be starting novel studies during “Read to Self” and “Read to Someone” time. We also continue to use the Raz-kids program to hear just right level books and check our understanding. Our classroom library continues to build as we get new books each month through Scholastic. Please remember that library books are to be returned weekly (on each child’s day).


We have written a descriptive paragraph about Winter and a story about “A Day in a Snow Globe” as well as finishing off our personal Ski Journals. Next we will be writing a script for our Peru project and a fictional legend. We continue to work on our editing skills and descriptive language.


We have been practicing our basic facts and now we will be working on Addition and Subtraction of larger numbers with and without regrouping. The basic facts are great things to practice at home. If you didn’t get an at home copy of math strategies and you would like one just let me know and I can email it or send a paper copy home with your child.


We have started to talk about Media awareness and safety on the internet. We began with a talk about our life and how we divide our active time, learning time and screen time and how much we should do of these things for balance in our lives. I also sent home a parent note about media awareness.

Valentine’s Celebration

We will be having a class Valentine’s Party on the afternoon of the 14th. It will involve delivering Valentine Cards (Please make sure your child has one for every student in our class). Having a snack and playing board games.  If you would like to volunteer to make a snack for this please email me (Remembering our allergies please).

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Feb.5th – Alberta Opera – Jack and the Beanstalk – 1:30pm

Feb. 6th – Last day of Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

Feb. 7th – “Winter Wonder Walk” – Our class will be going out for a walk through the Nature Reserve to participate in the Bow Valley Wide Initiative.

Feb.9th  – Half Day for Students

Feb.14th – Valentine’s Day

Feb.19th – Family Day

Feb 20th – 21st – School Closure

Feb.22nd – Feb.23rd  – Teachers’ Convention

Feb.28th – Pink Shirt Day – Wear Pink!

Up – Coming Events

Mar. 21, 22, 23  – Goal Setting Meetings

Mar. 24th – Apr.8th – Spring Break

**Please, as always, email me or send a note if your have any questions, concerns or comments. I try my best to keep you all informed but I always forget a few things. Thank you for your continued support.


Terri Williamson

Classlist for Valentine’s (You may also want to include former teachers, Ms. Wanlin (librarian), Ms, Feherty, Mrs. Kate, Mr. D., Mrs. Morley, Mrs. Shellian, Mr. Witishyn, Audrey, our Kindergarten Buddies, Aryels and Jason (Custodians), Raphelle (our snack coordinator), Jasmine (our part-time educational assistant).





























Hello lovely parents,

This week is School – Wide “Literacy Week”
As in the past years we will be having literacy based events around the school.
Monday – Mr. Wityshyn will be reading to us in the afternoon.
Tuesday – Ski Day! Please remember warm layered clothes.
Wednesday – School Wide Assembly 2:00pm
Thursday – Pajama Day and Drop Everything and Read at 8:45 – 9:00am
Please have your child bring a few favourite books to read.
Friday – Read a T-Shirt Day (Graphic T’s) – Wear a T-shirt that has writing on it.
We will also be having a daily “Guess the book” and the Learning Commons will have activities setup all related to literacy (We will be going on Thursday to check them all out).
*** Please make sure that you are able to get into Parent Portal as Report Cards will be posted on the 31st. I will also be sharing your child’s Google Drive Portfolio at that time. We will be practicing at school how to share it with you at home. I will also be sending home various hard copied of units like Rocks and MInerals , Hearing and Sound, Math Addition Facts, Learning Attributes Self and Teacher assessment, etc.. as evidence for the marks given on the report card. I will be requesting a few parents/students to come in for interviews the following week after school. If I have not requested an interview and you have concerns please email me and we can make an appointment also. I would like to see everyone – I do feel a bit disconnected with you as a group this year since we have not had many meeting times – but our schedule does not give us time this year. Our next face to face is in March.
Happy Sunday!

January Newsletter

Jan. 8th, 2018






Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday. Thank you again for the lively Christmas cards and gifts. I had a restful holiday with my family.😁


We will be downhill skiing for the next 5 Tuesdays – weather pending (looks good for this week!). Please be sure to dress your child appropriately and pack a healthy snack/lunch (we will not be getting the snack at school on these days).


For the first two weeks I will be testing students to see the progress they have made. As a class, we will be focused on summarizing text and asking questions as they read.


We will start the year with New Years Memories/Goals and a Downhill Skiing journal. By mid January we will starting on a fiction story using “ The Writing Diamond”, focusing on entertaining beginnings.

We will continue with weekly spelling tests, word work and word wall words.


We are finishing with place value and have done a few money outcomes. I have sent home some practice pages for money. It surprised me how many students were unsure how how much a nickel, dime and quarter were worth. Please complete these sheets at home – no need to return. We are continuing on to a unit on Addition and Subtraction Facts. We will be starting with Double Facts, double plus one and two, and friendly facts (make ten). We will be doing word problems in relation to these facts also.


Our Hearing and Sound Unit will be completed at the end of the first week. I will be sending home your child’s Science Book and Study Sheet for our Unit test on the second Thursday.

Social Studies

After Hearing and Sound is complete we will be starting our study of Peru. With this country we will be completing a “Explain Everything” project. Check out the app at https://explaineverything.com/app/ .

Class Dojo – Behaviour

In regards to organizational, listening, and respect for others and self skills I will continue to use a tally system in class and at the end of the day I will update Class Dojo rewards with the results.If your child has a negative number they have received tallies if positive they have been organized and listened well. If students have completed all assignments and have no tallies at the end of the week they have “Earned Time” on Fridays. If assignments are not complete or they have tallies they owe me then they have to complete work or write a note explaining why they owe me time and what they will do next week to change that. I also give them time to purchase things at the dojo store (every second week) at this time. Please ask your child about this system.

Report Cards/Portfolios

Report Cards will be open for you to view online at the end of the month. I will also be sharing your child’s Google Drive Portfolio with you as evidence of the outcomes on the Report Card. As we have no scheduled interviews at this time, I will expect that you go over the report card and Google Drive with your child and discuss their work. Please think about any changes to goals and strategies that you and your child would like to implement after the report results and update their Goal Setting sheet (Yes, you will have access to do so!). I will be requesting interviews for certain students and if you would like to see me for any reason please make an appointment with me for before or after school.

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Jan.8.  – First Day back after Christmas break

Jan.9.  – First Day Downhill Skiing –  Norquay

Jan. 12 – Half Day for Students – Book Orders Due

Jan. 16 –  Downhill Skiing – Norquay

Jan. 23 –  Downhill Skiing – Norquay

Jan. 26 – Half Day for Students

Jan. 30 –  Downhill Skiing – Norquay


Feb. 6 – Last Day of Downhill Skiing – Norquay



Terri Williamson

December Newsletter

Dec.1st, 2017






We are continuing with our reading groups during “Read to Self” and “Read to Someone” time. These groups have been receiving photocopied versions of the books we have been reading in class. Please have your child reread these at home for the week during their home reading time. We continue to read out loud the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and as you have seen by the permission form sent home we will be going to see the rehearsal at the High School on December 14th.


In Writing, we have been working hard on our India Travel Blog Post. Once students have the blog completed I will be posting them on our class blog. You can write comments and give feedback to them at that point. I will also be sending home a rubric with self and teacher evaluation. We will also be writing journal entries and poetry about the Holiday Season during the Month of December.


In Math, we are continuing to study about numbers from 100 to 1000.  

Christmas items.

As a class we will have a reused book exchange (Secret Santa) on Dec. 22 . Each child will be pulling a name – doing nice things for them all December and giving them a reused book (or one from my class if they don’t happen to have any at home that they think their friend would like).

Our Kindness Jar will hopefully be full by the end of the month and we will decide on what gift we might give to a senior in the community (CCHS – Christmas tree gifts).

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Dec.1 – Half Day for students

       –  Whisper Day!  We all have to whisper all day!

       –  Book Orders Due

          (Please email me if you would like some orders for secret pick up)

Dec. 6th – Take Five

              – Soul Warmers will be selling Christmas items to support the SPCA

Dec. 8th  – Fun Christmas hat day

Dec. 13th – Christmas Concert – Afternoon (1:30pm) and evening performances

Dec. 14th – Afternoon trip to CCHS to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dec 15th – Half Day for Students

              –  PJ day

Dec. 18 – Carolling 11:15am

Dec. 19 – Carolling 2:15pm

Dec. 20 – Carolling 9:30pm

Dec. 22 – Dress Red and Green Day!

  • Carolling 10:40am
  • Half Day for students – Last Day before Christmas Break

Up – Coming Events

Jan.8.  – First Day back after Christmas break

Jan.9.  – First Day Downhill Skiing –  Norquay

If I don’t get to see you at the concert or before the holidays, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with family! Your children are only young for so long. Cherish it!


Terri Williamson


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November Newsletter

Nov. 4th, 2017



Thank you all for coming to goal-setting meetings. It was so nice to get the opportunity to talk with you all about your children. I’m thinking next time I may schedule 20min. time slots as I did get behind on the Thursday night – I apologize!  If you feel you did not get to hear enough about your child’s progress please email me for another time to meet and I am more than willing to do so. All of your children now have three goals for this term (Some even have four). I will comment on these goals in the January report card.  I may request a meeting time with you in January after these report cards but there are no parent-teacher interview times scheduled. If you would like a time to meet with me anytime during the year please email me to arrange so. We do have another goal-setting meeting in March for new goals to be created.


We are starting next week with our reading groups during “Read to Self” and “Read to Someone” time. Some groups will meet once a week, some  will meet everyday, and some groups will meet twice a week. Those students that are working with Mrs. Shellian are not included in these groups as they have time to work with her in the afternoon. Our class focus in reading is Comprehension –  understanding what we read and making sure we make connections and ask questions while reading. We are reading out loud the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and hope to be able to go see the High School production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in December.


In Writing, we continue to focus on journal entries with neatness, excellent content, proper sentence structure, capitals, periods and proper spelling. We will be starting a class Word Wall this month and working a lot of bigger words and how to break them up into parts we know.


In Math, we are studying about numbers from 100 to 1000. In this unit, your child will:

  • Show a 3-digit number in different ways, using base ten blocks, pictures, words and numbers.
  • Compare and order 2-digit and 3-digit numbers
  • Skip count by 5s, 10s, and 100s forward and backward to 1000
  • Skip count by 3s, 4s and 25s forward and backward to 1000
  • Estimate how many items are in a large collection by comparing it to a known quantity

Here are some activities you can do at home to support this learning:

  • Use play money to model numbers and to develop understanding of trading or grouping. For example, show that $342 can be modelled as $300+$40+$2. Using play bills for $1,$10, and $100 helps to reinforce place value.
  • Play a number comparison game: Remove the tens and face cards form a deck of regular playing cards. Deal 3 cards to each player. Each player uses the cards to make the greatest possible 3-digit number. The person with greater number gets a point. Repeat. The first player to get 10 points is the winner. Play the game again, this time making the least number possible.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we are learning how to take jot notes and creating a travel blog post about a fictitious trip to India including factual information that we have been learning about the country. This will take us awhile to complete and we will share the final product on our Classroom Blog.


We are using the Chromebooks quite a bit in our classroom this year. Each child has an email address and password which is used to log into their computers. These email addresses are linked to their own Google account that is monitored by Canadian Rockies. It not to be used as a regular email account for the duration of grade 3. It is a place for students to work on and share Google files not to answer and receive emails at this time. They will continue to have this email address for their entire School career with Canadian Rockies but at this point we are only using it to create documents and finished products will then be shared with you. Students have been and will continue to be told sternly about the proper use of this email. It is not for messages to friends or parents or to be used to sign up for memberships, etc.. at this point. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Important Dates to Remember (Also on the Google Calendar)

Nov 1st – Picture Retake Day

  • Goal Setting Meetings in the evening

Nov. 2nd – Goal Setting Meetings in the evening

Nov. 3rd – No School For Students.

  • Goal Setting Meetings in the morning

Nov. 8th – Remembrance Day Assembly

Nov. 9th and 10th – No School for Students in Lieu of Goal Setting Meetings

Nov. 14 – Book Orders Due!

Nov. 17th – Half day for Students

  • Dress in one solid Colour (ie. Blue shirt and pants) Day for Grade Three

Nov. 24th – Dress in Stripes, Checks or Plaid Day for Grade Three

Up – Coming Events

Dec. 13th – Christmas Concert (afternoon dress rehearsal, evening performance)