February Newsletter

February 2nd, 2019


**If you have any questions about your child’s report card or you need a hard copy please let me know. Also, I will continue to update your child’s See Saw with new activities and learning as the year progresses. Please contact me for a time to meet if I requested to meet with you in the report card comment section.**

Your children are really showing us if the skills we have been teaching, experiencing and learning over the last 5 months are being internalised. Each child is developing at their own speed and level. All students are using some or all of their “Super Powers” to help them read increasing more difficult books. Go Super Readers!

******It is always a plus to have an extra pair of hands in the class – so, if you happen to have some time to come in and volunteer – We would greatly appreciate the help. Please sign up on the calendar outside the class, email me, or comment on See Saw and we will put your name on the calendar.


During February we will continue to learn about our “Hunks and Chunks” – Groups of letters that make sounds. We have five new “snap words” which we add to our Word Wall each week. These are expected to be read and spelt correctly in our writing. We have just started our story about a snowflake and it’s adventures. We continue to work on a Skating journal also – this is our last week.

In Math, we continue to explore numbers in numbers with addition and subtraction facts and word problems. We are focusing on strategies (ie. counting on and counting, back doubles, making ten, etc….) and different ways to solve a problem.

Our 100th day of school is on Friday. A separate note will be sent home with details as to what the children should bring.

This month we are starting our “Citizen’s of the Week”. Some weeks we will have two citizen’s and others we will have one (We don’t have enough weeks of school left to do everyone for a whole week – Oh boy!) Your child will bring home a laminated note and a poster board which you will work on together and they will present to our class. They will also receive a compliment book from the other students once their week is finished. Both will be a nice keepsake of Grade one.

*Just a reminder to please write me a note or email if after school plans are different for your child and if you will be picking them up rather than them going on the bus. Thank you!

Dates to Remember – ****Please remember to check the Calendar on the side bar for the most up-to-date information!

Monday, Feb. 4th – Alberta Opera 1:30pm in the Gym

Thursday, Feb. 7th – Library Day

Friday, Feb 8th – 100th Day of School Activities – Half Day for Students

Thursday, Feb 14th – Library Day and Valentine’s Day
We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and the children are encouraged to wear red or white. They will be exchanging valentines. Please have them print the names of their classmates themselves on each of the valentines.  Class list is below. I will also be sending home one. Please ensure that cards are sent to all of the children in the class; it’s a lot more fun for everyone this way. We love to see homemade cards!

****We also would also like one fruit and one veggie plate – Please let me know if you could provide either.

Classlist – Aedre, Ava, Connor, Cimmaron, Carter T., Carter P., Dahlia, Gabe, Graham, Halton, John, Karin, Maxwell, Oisin, Pierce, Rosalee, Sapphire, Solomon, Sophia, Sawyer, Tyrran, Tori, and Talia.  Other staff they might want to include are – Ms. B., Mrs. Morley (Music Teacher), Pascal (Librarian), Mrs. Shellian (Reading Support Teacher),  Ms. Kate (Right From the Start), Grace and MJ in the office, Arelys and Jason our custodians and of course Mr. Whitishyn! 🙂

Monday, February 18th – Friday, February 22nd :
Family Day/February Break. No School.
I will be at Teachers’ Convention on the Thursday and Friday 🙂 There are some great sessions this year – I hope to share some of the learning with your lovely children 🙂

Thank you, again, for your continued support!
Mrs. W. 🙂

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