January Newsletter

January 5th, 2019Image result for Clip art snowflakes

Dear Parents
Happy 2019! I hope your holidays were joyful and filled your “buckets” with many happy memories. Thank you for the lovely gifts and cards I received. I truly feel appreciated.

January will be a month filled with stories of snow, animals in the winter and how we care about ourselves and our community.  To begin we will be focusing on several wonderful books including A Perfect Day, When It Starts to Snow, The Biggest, Best Snowman and The Biggest Snowman Ever.

We will continue to work on our “snap words”, our reading “Super powers” and understanding what we read by retelling, predicting, connecting  and asking questions.  We will be writing about the New Year, Winter activities (with some poetry about what we can and can’t do in Winter) and creating a fiction story about a day in the life of snowflake. We will also be writing about our experiences skating (Which starts on January 15th!).

In Math, we continue to review concepts covered with our calendar and daily math (patterns, sorting, identifying and understanding numbers 1-20 and counting by 5s and 10s). We will be working more on combining and separating numbers (addition and subtraction) this term. Knowing our basic facts is an important goal in grade one.

Social Skills

We continue to work on using kind words and actions with others, taking turns, sharing and recognising feelings in ourselves and others. I will be continuing with Kimochi lessons and Ms. Kate will continue some biweekly lessons with the students about the key concepts in this program as well (green and red thoughts, managing your impulses, gratitude, mindfulness, etc…). If you would like to know more about this program please check out the link on the right hand side bar of this blog.

Baby Chase will be visiting again on Jan.21st. We look forward to seeing how he has grown! We have been focusing on how he shows us different emotions and what we can do to help.

Dates to Remember – All Posted on the Google Calendar 

Jan. 10th: Library Day

Jan. 11th: Half Day for students

Jan. 15th: Skating – Afternoon

Jan. 17th: Library Day
Jan. 18th: Book Orders Due.

Jan. 21st: Baby Chase Visit – 11am

Jan. 22nd: Skating – Afternoon

Jan. 24th: Library Day

Jan. 28th- Feb 1st: Our School is Celebrating Literacy Week.

Jan. 29th: Skating – Afternoon

Jan. 31st: We are planning a “Snuggle and Read day”. The students can wear their pajamas to class and we will read lots of stories and play some literacy games. The children are welcome to bring a book from home. They may wish to bring a SMALL “stuffy” or blanket. We will also be participating in a school wide assembly on this day – time to be announced.

***Report Cards are open on Parent Portal today! Please make sure you take a look at your child’s progress. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. *****

*Library continues to be on  Thursdays.

P.S. Be sure to keep checking this blog for Newsletters and SeeSaw for weekly pictures and student work.

Mrs. Williamson

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