November Newsletter

PoppiesNovember 1st, 2018

Halloween has come and gone. Remembrance Day and Christmas are just around the corner. I have sent out a schedule for you to put in times for Goal Setting. This will take place on Nov. 14, 15, and 16th. Please remember that Report Cards will not be coming home until January and there will be no scheduled interview times at that point. If you would like to talk with me after report cards I am always available for an after school or morning meeting.

As the weather gets colder your children should be coming to school prepared to go outside with mittens, hats, and snow pants. Thank you to all of you who have been coming in and helping out in class!  We are still in need of parent volunteers, though! I only have a few signed up for this month. Please remember that coming in helps you keep connected with your children, it REALLY helps us with the regular flow of the classroom, and it is nice to see you all once and a while. Please email me, send a note or drop by to sign up (calendar is outside the classroom door).



We continue to Read to Self everyday as well as reading with partners, word work – “snap” words, phonics skills – word families and vowel sounds, writing – finishing of our “Recess Writing” project with Mrs. Shellian and printing practice as well as reading and acting out stories.

In Math, we continue to focus on the numbers 1-20. Counting forwards and backwards, by 10s and 5s to 100, beginning addition, and counting on skills. We continue to use visual images (dominoes and dot groups) to quickly recognize groups up to 10.  We will be starting to do some patterning and sorting this next month.

Our “Belonging Bag” along with the “Student of the Day” are our Social Studies component. We have talked about belong to a family, school and community and how we are connected.

In Science, our unit on colour mixing, shades, tints and how we use colour in our life is coming to a close. We are happy to have Solomon’s mom (Chrissy) coming in to talk to us about how she uses colour in her job (artist!). We continue to visit our “Special Spot” in the butterfly garden every second Friday to see how things change over the seasons using our senses – We are keeping track of this in our Scientific Journal and with pictures. We will be starting on a unit about “Bears” this month. Nick from Wildsmart will be presenting to us on Nov. 29th in the morning. We will also be using the Bear EduKit from Wildsmart to learn about bears.

Dates to Remember

Nov. 1st – Library Day

Nov. 8th – Library Day, Remembrance Day Assembly and Book Orders Due

Nov. 9th – No School – In Lieu of Goal Setting Meetings

Nov. 12th – No School – Remembrance Day weekend

Nov. 14th – Goal Setting Meetings 4pm-7pm

Nov. 15th – Library Day, Goal Setting Meetings 5pm-8pm (I started earlier on my schedule to make more spaces)

Nov. 16th – No School For students – Goal Setting Meetings in the morning, PLN in the afternoon

Nov. 22nd– Library Day

Nov. 29th – Wildsmart Presentation in the Morning, Library Day

Library continues to be every Thursday.

I really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your continuing support with reading and word cards!

🙂 Mrs. Williamson

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